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I am a producer, sound engineer, songwriter, and musician from Orange, CA. I fell in love with music while learning the guitar at a young age, and began playing in local bands throughout high school.  At this point, I also started interning at local recording studios, quickly falling in love with production as well.

     Though my absolute favorite is alternative pop, I've done work with acoustic singer-songwriters, electronic pop singers, future bass, EDM, full rock bands, and much more. I am always up for a challenge when it comes to pushing the limits of my creativity. I am proficient at playing the guitar, bass, and keys. 

    The best thing about my job is that I get to walk into the studio and create something every day that didn't exist before. I have dedicated my life to production because it is the thing that fulfills me as a person while helping the musicians around me serve their purpose. Whether you have a home recording that needs to be taken up a notch or an unfinished set of lyrics that are close to your heart, I would love to help you create something beautiful.

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