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Free Stuff!

(cause who doesn't like free stuff)

An INdie-Pop Release Guide: From 0 to your first 10,000 streams 

I put together a guide on what you do when you have a great song, but no idea how to get it to the right people. We talk about submitting your song for distribution, establishing your brand as an artist and getting your song on playlists!

logic pro x Production Template

This production template makes it super easy to start fleshing out production ideas. Everything included is a logic stock sound or preset!

Indie-pop Synths: Serum pRESETS

I made a pack of Serum presets that are great for Indie-Pop. If you dig bands like the 1975, LANY, Nightly, or MUNA these presets will sound great on your songs. I hope they help you with productions!

*P.S. if you make indie-pop came hang out in the Indie-Pop Soundscape*

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